Rating: M
Length: 78 minutes
Genre: Crime, Drama
Rating: M 78' mature themes and coarse language
Cast: Damian Hill ,Ty Perham, Arthur Angel, Kat Stewart, Tony Nikolakopoulos
Director: Jason Raftopoulos

Separated from his family and caught in a cycle of gambling and debt, Jim has less than a day to repay a violent loan shark. His day is turned upside down when he must look after his young son who is on school holidays. Jim’s relationship with his son is tested as his plans to pay back the loan fail. When his last desperate effort to repay the debt puts his son’s life at risk, he must make a choice between his past and a second chance at life.


"the film offers a convincing visualisation of an urban jungle where its misguided protagonist is constantly making the wrong decisions." David Stratton The Australian

"touching social-realist drama." Jake Wilson The Age

"Fatherhood comes sharply into focus in the impressive feature debut of Aussie filmmaker Jason Raftopoulos." Richard Kupiers, Variety

"Sharp and rewarding … a timely and intelligent essay on the eternal theme of how fathers can both inspire and alienate their sons." – Variety
* Cry Baby Session