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The Sun Theatre in partnership with the Foodbank Victoria presents the inaugural Cans Film Festival, Oct 26-28 2017.

The Sun Theatre will screen films that are deeply moving and informative documentaries about life, waste, the future of food and human compassion including The Gateway Bug, Hector and Theater of Life. Proceeds of the festival will be donated to Foodbank and guests and the community will be encouraged to bring a ‘can’ as part of their payment for the film!

Foodbank Victoria distributes the equivalent of around 50,000 meals a day from its Yarraville headquarters, supporting 472 charity partners across Victoria. They are also the largest provider of School Breakfast Clubs anywhere in Australia, feeding up to 25,000 students a week in 500 of the most disadvantaged primary schools in partnership with the State Government.
All theatre-goers are encouraged to bring cans of food to donate to Foodbank Victoria. The general public can also drop off donations. These canned goods will go into emergency food relief hampers ahead of the busy Christmas period.

The Gateway Bug
Currently, over 2 billion people on Earth rely on eating insects for protein; daily habits that can help fix a food system that has been damaged by climate change.

A wandering homeless man named Hector heads south to London for his annual pilgrimage to a Christmas shelter. Along the way, the story of how his comfortable life vanished into vagrancy emerges.

Theater of Life
The history of the Refettorio Ambrosiano, its chefs, and the refugees and homeless it feeds.
* Cry Baby Session