HEAD ON (1998)

Rating: R18+
Length: 104 minutes
Session Times:
Sun, 4th Nov:7:00pm
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: R18+ 104’ high level sex scene, drug use
Cast: Alex Dimitriades, Elena Mandalis, Damien Fotiou
Director: Director: Ana Kokkinos

Ari, the son of two Greek immigrants, is an alienated teenager who lives in Melbourne, Australia. He spends his time seeking out cheap thrills, and, over the course of one day, he dives into a bottomless pit of hedonism. He sleeps with a few men he meets, he sleeps with his friend Betty, he takes drugs, he sells drugs and he rages against society. Ari seems numb to life until he and his best friend have a violent run-in with the cops.

* Cry Baby Session