Rating: CTC
Length: 90 minutes
Friday, 28th April, 7pm

Mrs Metro
A homeless guy gets off the train and accidentally leaves one of his bags behind.
Director: Aggelos Papantoniou Producer: Mark Lycette

Drama/Black comedy
Zina and Tony share a night they won't forget - full of seduction, near misses, bloody noses and wild surprises.
Director: Ivan Malekin
Producers: Ivan Malekin and Clara Pagone
Ivan Malekin is an award-winning producer, director and editor, the founder and director of the Made In Melbourne Film Festival, now in its eighth year as the only festival exclusively for Victorian filmmakers. He is on the ‘Top 50 Australian Independent Film Heroes’ list and runs the film collective Nexus Production Group.

Sleep To Dream
A woman grieving the loss of her boyfriend has a recurring dream in which he challenges her to move on with her life.
Finalist: Best Screenwriter
Director/Producer: David Nguyen
David Nguyen has been writing, producing and directing independent short films since 2013. His films have been selected for festivals in the US, UK and Australia.

Citizen Reporter
A series of interviews with street artists who live or work in the west, conducted by people with disabilities.
Director: Lindsay Cox and ArtLife at Footscray Community Arts Centre
Producer: Footscray Community Arts Centre
Lindsay Cox is an animator and filmmaker who has worked extensively with diverse communities.

A romantic day trip tests the relationship of two young lovers.
Director: Kate Lefoe
Producer: Laura Faulkner
Kate Lefoe is a director and editor based in Melbourne. She is a recent Masters graduate of Film and Television (Narrative) from the Victorian College of the Arts.

Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy
Prodigy Prodigy Prodigy is a stop-motion short about two friends sharing a filthy apartment. Jack, the stoner lizard, is keen to move out with his stubborn and indifferent friend Greg, the chain-smoking cockroach.
Director: Tom Bell
Producers: Mark Lycette/Tom Bell
Tom Bell lives in the inner west and works as an animator at Kingsville-based media company Trade Creative. His stop-motion short film This Is Not an Ape screened at the Melbourne International Animation Festival in 2015.

Goodnight Sweetheart
When Barb undertakes a drastic course of action, she must re-examine her feelings for an old friend.
Finalist: Best Short Feature Metro, Best Acting Performance, Best Cultural Diversity
Director: Bec Peniston-Bird
Producer: Jim M. Wright
Bec Peniston-Bird is a writer, director and producer who has made documentaries, commercials and award-winning shorts. She is currently developing her first feature, inspired by the real-life defection of Soviet spy Evdokia Petrova. Goodnight Sweetheart’s cast includes Gilliam Jones and Jack Charles.

Sudo Ballin is a documentary short showing the rise of Sudanese Australian basketball on the world stage and how basketball can help and inspire people.
Director: Mark Hellinger
Producers: Mark Hellinger/Ez El Deng
Mark Hellinger has written/directed/produced/edited several award winning short films. A graduate of Swinburne School of Film and TV, he has also worked on numerous music videos, TV series and corporate videos. 

Internal dialogue about Immigration and Terrorism
Dark comedy
A documentary exploring how humans respond with strong emotions to crises and conflicts in a turbulent world.
Director/producer: Camilla Johnsen
A secondary student entry, Camilla Johnsen has a background in advertising and video production.

A short comedy film following the story of an irregular support group. A group full of the most traumatised and damaged people of all: Autocorrect victims.
Finalist: Best Short Feature Metro, Best Comedy
Directors: Robert P. Fantozzi/Conor A. Wood
Producers: Rob Stanfield, Robert P. Fantozzi, Conor Woods, Cameron Zayec, Aaron Carroll.
Robert P. Fantozzi and Conor A. Wood met while studying Media and Communication at RMIT. They have collaborated on many small projects together, Including Dr Weird, the winner of Best Comedy at the Sydney Indie Film Festival.

After a boozy hens’ night, Nic tells bride-to-be Anna something she's kept hidden for a long time.
Director: Sam Rankin
Producer: Dominique Mathieson
Sam Rankin is a western suburbs filmmaker.

Seeing The Land From An Aboriginal Canoe
The Aboriginal bark canoe was a technology in demand by European settlers in remote Victoria in the 1800s. They used Aboriginal ferrying and boat building services to conduct trade and transport, forging relationships between Aboriginal people and colonists.
Finalist: Best Documentary Metro, Best Cultural Diversity
Director: Jary Nemo
Producers: Lucinda Horrocks/Jary Nemo
Jary Nemo and Lucinda Horrocks are the co-founders of Wind & Sky Productions, an independent company specialising in short documentary films on culture, community, history and science.
* Cry Baby Session