Rating: CTC
Length: 150 minutes
The Golden Sunset
7pm Thursday 27 April

Olympic Nick: A Donutmentary
The true story of how a $3.7 billion dollar rail project got derailed by an 83 year old man selling doughnuts from a caravan.
Finalist: Best Documentary West, Best Cultural Diversity
Directors: Rachel Morssink/Ian Tran
Producers: Ian Tran/Tessa Mansfield-Hung
Ian Tran was a physiotherapist, but his love of film led him to Olympic Nick, his first professionally-produced short film. It has screened widely, with Ian Tran receiving the Raw Nerve Initiative for emerging filmmakers and the Gold Remi (documentary under 60 minutes) at the 49th Worldfest Film Festival in 2016.pis

The Uncomfortably Sexy Rules of Truco
Amy shares everything she has learnt about the Argentinian culture since dating her girlfriend, Eugenia: the interesting, the odd and the uncomfortably sexy.
Finalist: Best Short Feature West, Best Director, Rouge, Best Screenwriter
Director/producer: Marina Bonofiglio
Marina Bonofiglio is an Argentinian director and photographer based in Melbourne. This film is based on her experience as a South American living in Australia.

At the height of the primary school marble craze, likeable Maxy has scored a decent collection. But school bully and marble king Plugga hatches a plot to settle the score.
Finalist: Best Short Feature West, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Acting Performance
Director: Aaron L. Ellis
Producer: Lester Ellis Jr
Aaron Lester Ellis is the founder of Welcome Stranger Productions. His work has screened at film festivals around the world, and focus on pressing social issues close to his heart, including bullying and youth suicide.

No Smoking
Psychological Thriller
When a traveller checks into a motel and breaks one of its strictly enforced rules, the result is unexpected consequences at the hands of the motel owner.
Director: Nerango Nero
Producers: Niranga Nero/Matt Hughes
Niranga Nero is a Sri Lankan-Australian film-maker based in Melbourne and this is his second short film. His first, Raees, was showcased in several international film festivals.

The Jolly Swagman
Ravi fled civil chaos in his homeland of Sri Lanka, hoping for a better life in Australia ... but the Australian Government had other ideas. A documentary that juxtaposes Waltzing Matilda with our asylum seeker policy.
Finalist: Best Documentary Metro, Best Cultural Diversity
Director/Producer: Charby Ibrahim
Charby Ibrahim is a Masters student in Film & Television (Documentary stream) at The Victorian College of the Arts. He also teaches documentary filmmaking, and video production to young offenders at Parkville College, a school within the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre.

More Stuff
What's the true meaning of Christmas? More Stuff!
Directors: Simone Giampaolo/Joe Kinch
Finalist: Best Animation
Producer: Tom Box
London-based Simone Giampaolo is a director and animator from Switzerland. He’s contributed to animated award-winning short films and that have screened widely. He works at Blue-Zoo Animation for clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney, LEGO, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Lucasfilm and BBC.

Goodnight Sweetheart
When Barb undertakes a drastic course of action, she must re-examine her feelings for an old friend.
Finalist: Best Short Feature Metro, Best Acting Performance, Best Cultural Diversity
Director: Bec Peniston-Bird
Producer: Jim M. Wright
Bec Peniston-Bird is a writer, director and producer who has made documentaries, commercials and award-winning shorts. She is currently developing her first feature, inspired by the real-life defection of Soviet spy Evdokia Petrova. Goodnight Sweetheart’s cast includes Gilliam Jones and Jack Charles.

Starring comedian Greg Fleet. On the day before Christmas, drug addict and petty criminal Noel steals a car - but a surprise cargo leads him to rediscover his humanity.
Finalist: Best Short Feature West, Best Acting Performance
Directors/producers: Chris Kennett and Hayden Bevis
Chris Kennett is an experienced writer currently working at The Project. Hayden Bevis runs Posterboy Media and is a Melbourne filmmaker.

A short comedy film following the story of an irregular support group. A group full of the most traumatised and damaged people of all: Autocorrect victims.
Finalist: Best Short Feature Metro, Best Comedy
Directors: Robert P. Fantozzi/Conor A. Wood
Producers: Rob Stanfield, Robert P. Fantozzi, Conor Woods, Cameron Zayec, Aaron Carroll.
Fantozzi and Wood met while studying Media and Communication at RMIT. They have collaborated on many small projects together, Including Dr Weird, the winner of Best Comedy at the Sydney Indie Film Festival.

No Measure of Health
Melbourne anti-advertising activist Kyle Magee’s public civil disobedience campaign comes at quite a cost. In this intimate portrait he reflects on fatherhood, democracy and his private struggle with depression.
Finalist: Best Documentary Metro, Best Tertiary
Director/Producer: Jessica Hutchison
Jessica Hutchison comes to filmmaking from a fine-art sculpture background. Her award-winning student films have screened at festivals around the world including Clermont-Ferrand ISFF ‘16.

Uber X-Citing Day
Ben drives his Uber as a way to pay rent, meet interesting people and shamelessly promote himself as a comedian.
Finalist: Best Short Feature West, Best Director, Best Comedy
Director: Michael Jones/Jackson Tozer
Producer: Michael Jones/Jackson Tozer/Caitlin Farrugia
Produced by Blazing Arrow Media, Uber X-Citing Day has been selected for festivals including Made in Melbourne, LA Comedy Festival and Lorne Short Film Festival.

One Second
A tragic blame game unfolds between two parents after their child goes missing.
Finalist: Best Short Feature West, Best Director, Best Screenwriter
Director/producer: Tom Vogel
Tom Vogel is an award-winning director/writer/producer and actor who has directed 11 short films - all screened at festivals here and overseas - in the last decade. He was a Tropfest finalist in 2009 and a winner at the Made in Melbourne festival in 2010. He runs ‘West Side Shorts’, a monthly short film screening in Williamstown.

The Prince of Chinatown
A young tourist returns home, to find he is still lost.
Director: Patrick Mooney
Producers: Patrick Mooney and Nadja Zimmermann
Patrick Mooney is a young independent filmmaker based in Melbourne. He is a member of the Artist Film Workshop, a Melbourne based group who experiment with motion picture celluloid. The Prince of Chinatown is his first short film since his graduation from Swinburne School of Film and Television.
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