Rating: CTC
Length: 120 minutes
The Rising Sun
10am Sunday April 30

The Beast Within
A man wakes up with amnesia, blood in the back of his car and strange coordinates written on his arm. What happened the night before?
Finalist: Best Secondary
Director/Producer: Cian Bennet
Cian Bennet is a first-time filmmaker who made The Beast Within while finishing high school.

A little girl goes to battle with her inner demon, Yaka, in order to be at peace.
Director/Producer: Thilan Ahangama
Thilan Ahangama is a VCE student who attends Lyndale Secondary College.

Captain Drybone, Gypsy Pirate Extraordinaire
Captain Drybone is afraid of waves. To overcome his fear he must seek the magic unicorn, despite the many perils that cross his path.
Director/producer: Dermot O’Brien
Dermot O’Brien is a 17-year-old University High School student.

An Australian Farmer’s Story
An inspiring biographical documentary short exploring a cattle farmer’s achievements, passions and memories.
Director: Jonno Kelly
Producer: Jamieson Kane
Jonno Kelly is a 2016 VCE graduate from Scotch College. He won best documentary and best cinematography at the Bond University Film and Television Award 2016, and in 2014 the Gold Student Prize at the Mt Buller Film Festival 2014.

The Goldfish Theory
An inspiring personal tale using a mix of animation with video, The Goldfish Theory is about making choices and feeling lost during the merge of adolescence to adulthood.
Finalist: Best Secondary
Director: Alexander Fasso
Producer: Jamieson Kane
Alexander Fasso is a 2016 VCE graduate from Scotch College. He won the best cinematography award at the Booroondara Youth Film Festival in 2016.

A young man receives an ambiguously packaged box containing an unusual amount of silk rose petals, as well as a card signed by an ex-lover. He takes the box into his bathroom and attempts to make sense of it.
Director/Producer: Tyler Bain
Tyler Bain was a secondary student when Rose was made.

Insects help each other out.
Finalist: Best Animation
Director: Nelson Dean
Producer: Elwood College
Nelson Dean has been making claymation for several years. This year, he started an animation course at Victorian College of the Arts in 2017.
Not Alone Documentary
An informative documentary aimed at teenage boys suffering from depression: they often find it harder to talk about their feelings and get help.
Director: James Cottrill
Producer: Jamieson Kane
James Cottrill is a 2016 VCE graduate from Scotch College. His film Not Alone was screened at the Robin Anderson Film Awards in Sydney in 2016.

A man seeks revenge over a lost love.
Director/Producer: Sam Johnston
Sam Johnston made this film as a VCE student at Elwood College and is now studying film and television at JMC Academy.

A young actor attempts to navigate the realms of insanity and personal identity, as he plays out the role of Macbeth in a production cloaked by insidious human forces.
Finalist: Best Secondary
Director: Sam Zagame
Producer: Jamieson Kane
Sam Zagame is a 2016 VCE Scotch College graduate, Awarded the Council Prize for Excellence in Media, 2014 and 2015.

Realist Drama
Carl is a young man who wants to change the direction of his life. This causes a rift with his close friend Andrew. This rift comes to a head when Carl gets a job at the local bookstore and befriends the manager Lucy.
Director: Auley Ryan
Producer: Matthew Ryan
Auley Ryan is a 15-year-old filmmaker from Yarraville. Tied is his first film.

Tough Guys
Think you’re tough? You’re not as tough as these guys.
Directors: Fynn Randle/Truman Schlechta
Producer: Footscray Community Arts Centre

The Chopping Block
Three knights capture an evil sorcerer and must bring him to justice! But the sorcerer has other plans in mind...
Director/Producer: Dermot O’Brien
Dermot O’Brien is a 17-year-old University High School student and filmmaker.

The Genie
A boy learns how to become a genie. He decides to make everyone's wishes go wrong.
Directors/Producers: Cabramatta Public School Class 4L and Mr S Sollorz
The class worked with Mr Sollorz for one term, studying film and animation.

Two men try to escape as zombies close in.
Director: Billie Rae
Producer: Elwood College
Billie Rae made this film as part of her VCE studies.
Portrait of a Babysitter Horror
What happens to a series of babysitters at a strange house
Finalist: Best Secondary
Director/Producer: Sierra McLachlan
Sierra McLachlan made this film as her VCE media production at Elwood College.
* Cry Baby Session