Rating: EX15+
Length: 120 minutes
The Rouge
April 29 Saturday 4.30pm

The Uncomfortably Sexy Rules of Truco
Amy shares everything she has learnt about the Argentinian culture since dating her girlfriend, Eugenia: the interesting, the odd and the uncomfortably sexy.
Finalist: Best Short Feature West, Best Director, Rouge, Best Screenwriter
Director/producer: Marina Bonofiglio
Marina Bonofiglio is an Argentinian director and photographer based in Melbourne. This film is based on her experience as a South American living in Australia.

The Other Man
A modern young bride flounders when she hears that the best man used to be in love with her groom, and she must confront the greatest threat to her marriage - herself.
Finalist: Best Tertiary
Director: Sher-Li Tan
Producers: Victor Chia/Sher-Li Tan
The Other Man is the work of four emerging filmmakers from SAE Institute.

A young couple discovers a vagrant hiding inside a tallboy they find by the roadside. He promises to change their lives over the course of the night. Beware of hard rubbish.
Director: Sereh Nathan
Producer: Nick Dalton/Sereh Nathan
Sereh Nathan has a creative arts degree, and is a writer and actor.

Goodnight Sweetheart
When Barb undertakes a drastic course of action, she must re-examine her feelings for an old friend.
Finalist: Best Short Feature Metro, Best Acting Performance, Best Cultural Diversity
Director: Bec Peniston-Bird
Producer: Jim M. Wright
Bec Peniston-Bird is a writer, director and producer who has made documentaries, commercials and award-winning shorts. She is currently developing her first feature, inspired by the real-life defection of Soviet spy Evdokia Petrova. Goodnight Sweetheart’s cast includes Gilliam Jones and Jack Charles.

Welcome to Luxville
Welcome to Luxville, a mythical city west of the capital; a place where the citizens trade on past glories, all the while living under a long forgotten curse.
Finalist: Rouge
Director: Erin McCuskey
Producers: Erin McCuskey/ Michael Gwyther
Erin McCuskey’s short films, installations and commissions have screened at Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE), Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), Flickerfest, Indiefest, Gertrude St Projection Festival and Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

Exit From Eden – The Story of Lilith
Before Eve, there was Lilith. The Original Woman.
Director/Producer: Tritia DeViSha
Tritia DeViSha is an actress and was host, presenter and producer of Noise TV (C31 Melbourne/SBS). Exit From Eden is her directorial debut.

A romantic day trip tests the relationship of two young lovers.
Director: Kate Lefoe
Producer: Laura Faulkner
Kate Lefoe is a director and editor based in Melbourne. She is a recent Masters graduate of Film and Television (Narrative) from the Victorian College of the Arts.

We’re Here Now
Two sisters find themselves hiding out in a public toilet cubicle when the youngest has to take a pregnancy test.
Director/Producer: Nikki Richardson
Nikki hails from country Victoria. We're Here Now is her first film.

From Bella To Chanel – A Day in the Life of Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart is the newest face of Chanel, but is the transformation complete? A behind-the-scenes look at fame, makeup, eyes and...eyes.
Director: Tammy Weller
Producer: Claire Pearson
Claire Pearson is an actor, writer, producer and workshop facilitator with over a decade’s experience across theatre and film. From Bella to Chanel: A day in the life of Kristen Stewart was screened at the Connect Film Festival in Melbourne.

Today she leaves her past; tomorrow is a new day. But what will tomorrow bring?
Director: Jemma Van Loenen
Finalist: Best Short Feature Metro, Rouge, Best Acting Performance
Jemma is a Melbourne based writer and director. Her award-winning short films have screened at the Made In Melbourne, Melbourne Underground at LDUB Film Festival, among many others.

Maybe Next Time
Following an absence of seven years, Maite returns home to deal with her father’s estate, when she meets with her estranged best friend who makes her face their past and talk about their unresolved issues.
Finalist: Rouge
Director: Delfina Jaureguialzo
Producers: Delfina Jaureguialzo/Santiago Mourino
Delfina Jaureguialzo is Buenos Aires-based filmmaker. She has written and directed short films that have screen at international festivals. She is an editor in film and television, and has two screenplays in development.

Science Fiction
A group of candidates apply for a rehabilitation program that involves living through virtual reality goggles for 12 months.
Director: Ramona Wardan
Producers: Ramona Warden/ Isabella Edwards
Ramona Wardan is a recent graduate of Swinburne’s Film and Television course. This is her first short film as director.

No Measure of Health
Melbourne anti-advertising activist Kyle Magee’s public civil disobedience campaign comes at quite a cost. In this intimate portrait he reflects on fatherhood, democracy and his private struggle with depression.
Finalist: Best Documentary Metro, Best Tertiary
Director/Producer: Jessica Hutchison
Jessica Hutchison comes to filmmaking from a fine-art sculpture background. Her award-winning student films have screened at festivals around the world including Clermont-Ferrand ISFF ‘16.

To win the attention of his father, a 14-year-old boy conducts an anthropological study on the effects of the drought on his rural community.
Director: Siobhan Mulready
Producer: Caitlin Johnston
Siobhan Mulready is a Brisbane director who spends most of her time making ads and the rest of her time eating making films and eating cheese.
Crowded Couch Comedy/Drama
Immobilised by her neuroses, Maisy spends her time emotionally chained to her couch discussing life with Dom, who prods at her anxieties, seemingly for his own amusement.
Director: Ella Barton
Producers: Ella Barton and Anna Clark
Ella Barton is a Melbourne-based actor, writer and director. Ella has also worked as a member of the production teams behind Australian films including The Dressmaker and popular TV series Offspring, Please Like Me, Neighbours and Barracuda. Anna Clark has performed at La Mama and with the Australian Shakespeare Company’s youth ensemble.
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