Rating: G
Length: 84 minutes
Session Times:
Tue, 24th Apr:7:05pm
Wed, 25th Apr:4:55pm 7:05pm
Mon, 30th Apr:5:00pm
Tue, 1st May:5:00pm
Wed, 2nd May:5:00pm
Including Q & A with director Naina Sen

Genre: History and national identity
Rating: E 84'
Cast: The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir and Morris Stuart
Director: Naina Sen

In the obscure churches of remote Central Australia, a hidden musical legacy of ancient Aboriginal languages, sacred poetry and baroque music is being preserved by four generations of song women who make up the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir. Against all odds and with the help of their charismatic conductor, the choir embarks on a historic tour of Germany to take back the hymns that were given to their great grandparents by German missionaries, now sung in their own Aboriginal languages. Together they share their music and stories of cultural survival, identity and cross-cultural collaboration. Come on an adventure as the unlikeliest band on earth goes on tour to the other side of the world!
* Cry Baby Session