Sun Newsreel: The Hateful 8 70mm


Sun Newsreel: Southern Sun - 70 cinemas, 25 countries.


Sun Newsreel: The Dressmaker


Sun Solar 2013


Winning entry in the City of Maribyrnong I Love my Suburb Short Film Competition




Sun Theatre Promo

Video by Brendan Sammut


Sun Theatre, Yarraville

Video by Greg


Welcome to the Sun Theatre - a Trailer for the Sun



3013 Poster Boy

With all the talk of recession and hard times ahead, never has it been so important to keep the public informed of the movies ahead to escape the real world for a few hours at their local cinema. Sounds like a job for....yes, you guessed it, Poster Boy.


3013: Episode 1

On a fine sunny day, the Sun Theatre in Yarraville is only 16 seconds from the CBD by plane...


3013: Episode 2

On a good day, Yarraville is only 50 seconds by car from Federation Square...


Piz Gloria: Project Snow Screen

Anne and Mike took our kids to Dinner Plain at Mount Hotham for some skiing over school hol's, but had withdrawals from the cinema - so there was only one thing for it, spend the day building an outdoor screen from snow blocks, pull out the video projector and watch Happy Feet!